Designed Exclusively for

Surgical Bariatric Patients
25 Grams of Quality Protein

COmes in two Delicious Flavors

Chocolate & Vanilla

R-Kane’s Z Pro 2oz pudding, 4oz Pudding

With 25 Grams of Protein

why zpro 25?

Surgical Bariatric patients are at risk for malnutrition because of their new reduced stomach capacity. Z Pro 25 reconstitutes in either 2 oz. pudding or 4 oz shake to solve that problem while delivering required vitamins/minerals & 25 grams of quality protein.

A Nutritional Answer to Malnutrition Resulting From Gastric Bypass Surgery

Why ZPro 25?

If you’ve recently undergone Bariatric Surgery, as a patient you should know that you are at risk for malnutrition due to a newly reduced stomach capacity. At R-Kane Products, Inc. we are proud to announce our professionally tested protein supplement, Z Pro 25. Z Pro 25 reconstitutes in either a 2 oz. serving sized pudding or 4 oz. serving size bariatric protein shakes to provide the nutrients you need to stay healthy, while delivering required vitamins/minerals & 25 grams of quality protein. In comparison, typical retail shakes come in 8 or 13 oz. serving sizes that are filled with low quality protein and tons of added sugars. With a digestion rate of 1-2 oz. an hour, you put your stomach at a greater risk by ingesting these oversized quantities of poor nutritional replacement. For the benefit of your stomach and your general health, rely on the formula that has been designed for your specific needs – Z Pro 25.

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information on our bariatric supplements used in shakes and puddings.
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