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Designed Exclusively for Post Surgical Bariatric Patients

Bariatric Surgery Diet

Providing information on the stages of a diet after bariatric surgery in the five weeks immediately after surgery.

Diet after bariatric surgery must be carefully followed for the rest of your life in order to maximize the success of your weight loss goals. Protein bariatric diet supplements must be taken after surgery to ensure proper post-operative nutrition. Daily multivitamins and mineral supplements are essential for proper nutrition for the rest of your life. A post-operative bariatric diet is separated into five weeks. Below is an appropriate diet after bariatric surgery:

Bariatric Surgery Diet - Week 1

Clear liquids should be taken one to two days after the inital surgery. Consuming clear liquids one to two days after surgery will keep you hydrated during this initial period. Aim for 50-65 oz. per day. Listed below are acceptable clear liquids to take during week 1:

  • Clear juices, unsweetened, including: apple, cranberry, and white grape
  • Plain no sugar gelatin: no fruit pieces
  • Italian ices and popsicles with no sugar
  • Beef, chicken, and vegetable broths with no fat
  • Decaf and herbal teas
  • Other no calorie drinks
  • Water: no carbonation

Bariatric Surgery Diet - Week 2

Skim or 1% milk, smooth yogurt without fruit pieces, and high protein drinks can now be consumed. 50-65 oz of clear fluid per day, and aim for 35-40 grams of protein per day.

Eating semi-solid food or solid diet too early after surgery may lead to complications including: obstruction and vomiting. Bariatric patients must not eat solid foods during the first two weeks after bariatric surgery. Listed below are acceptable liquids to take during week 2:

  • All foods and drinks from previous stage
  • Skim milk, soy milk, Simply Smart®, or 1% milk
  • Plain non-fat or light yogurt without fruit pieces
  • Cream soup, strained to remove solids
  • Carnation Instant Breakfast® drink with no sugar
  • Ensure High Protein® drink, Boost High Protein® drink, or Resource High Protein® drink
  • Cream of wheat or cream of rice cereal
  • Sugar substitute
  • Strained or low-pulp orange juice
  • Applesauce with no sugar added
  • Plain pudding with no sugar
  • Sorbet with no sugar
  • Custard with no sugar

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